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Turtle BeachMay 17, 2021

Resident Evil Village - Mercenaries Guide


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Resident Evil Village – Mercenaries Guide


May 17, 2021

Ethan Winters’ harrowing Resident Evil Village journey doesn’t end with the main story. Complete the game and the Mercenaries mode becomes available to unlock. This fast-paced game mode challenges the player to defeat a certain number of enemies within a time limit over several consecutive rounds. Every stage has its own unique strategy, with each one unlocked ramping up the difficulty from the last. The good news is that there are some general Mercenaries tips and tricks that can make your time in the mode that much more productive.

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How To Unlock Mercenaries Mode In Resident Evil Village

Mercenaries mode HUD and werewolf enemy.

Wolfman, meet shotgun.

Unlocking the Mercenaries mode is as simple as beating the main game. Once you’ve done that, go to the Extra Content Shop under the Bonuses tab in the main menu. You’ll need 10 credits to unlock Mercenaries, but you’ll have gathered far more than that just by wrapping up the story. Return to the main bonuses tab to load up the Mercenaries mode.

You’ll only have one level, the Village, available to you at first. Getting an A-rank on this (and the next three) will unlock a new stage to test yourself on. For the last four stages, you only need to get a B-rank. However, in order to get everything out of The Mercenaries mode, you’ll be aiming to achieve an SS-rank on every single stage. 

What Is Mercenaries Mode In Resident Evil Village?

Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village shakes things up a bit from previous titles which have featured the mode. You start out by selecting and purchasing equipment before heading out into the stage. Defeating a certain number of enemies per stage will trigger the goal to appear, which moves you to the next part of the stage. Your time left, money, enemies defeated, and combos all factor into your total score (and therefore rank).

Mercenaries mode tips and tricks

Mercenaries supplies menu

As you might have guess, having the right supplies is helpful!

  • While you’d usually avoid hordes of enemies in the main game, building up a following is actually beneficial in Mercenaries. Combos massively increase your score and are relatively easy to create. Force a bunch of enemies to tail you, line them up, and take them out for a nice score boost.
  • One of the easiest ways to increase your score is to hoard Lei (money) at the end of a round. Be sure to sell everything you don’t need to the Duke and loot every enemy. There’s no treasure here, but tougher enemies will drop more Lei than than their weaker counterparts.
  • There are two types of orbs that are found throughout Mercenaries mode: yellow and blue. Yellow orbs offer bonus time and are vital for increasing your score in a stage. Blue orbs give Ethan one of three special abilities to choose from. There’s no limit on how many abilities Ethan can wield, and duplicates improve the ability’s effectiveness. Be sure to play around and find ones that complement your playstyle.
  • Before trying to S-rank a stage, shoot for getting at least a B. The first time you earn a B-rank on a level, Ethan gains an additional 5,000 Lei for all future runs at it. This allows you to deck Ethan out more effectively from the start, and improves your odds of getting that coveted S-rank on the next attempt.

It’s also worth noting that death doesn’t decrease your score in Mercenaries mode. Feel free to die as much as you like! Just keep in mind that doing so will leave you with a lot less time.

What Gear And Abilities To Use In Mercenaries Mode

Choose an Ability menu

For stages 1-4, go with Out of Reach and the sniper.

There are two main groups of stages: 1-4 and 5-8. For the first four stages, the sniper rifle will be your best bullet-punting friend. Upgrade it between rounds and watch as it makes short work of enemies with each and every shot. The sniper rifle synergizes well with most abilities, but be sure to prioritize ones that boost damage to make up for its slower rate of fire.

Most strategies go out the window for stages 5-8, however, as the weapons available will change and the enemies included are much tougher. Here, try to find a build that you can make consistently, regardless of abilities found. Picking power ups that increase initial hit damage and damage to low health enemies can help, but be ready to suffer no matter what you unlock.

Getting The LZ Answerer In Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village

The punishment you’ll face earning those SS-ranks in all of the Mercenaries stages doesn’t go unrewarded. Reaching this milestone will unlock the unique LZ Answerer weapon. This is basically a lightsaber, with a green beam that heals Ethan every time he hits an enemy. It’s by no means the best or worst weapon, but definitely worth trying out.

After unlocking the LZ Answerer, it’ll be available in the Extra Content Shop for 70,000 CP. After that, you can purchase the LZ from the Duke for 200 Lei.

Hopefully by following the Resident Evil Village Mercenaries tips and tricks above, you’ll be well on the way to earning those vital S-rank scores in each and every level.

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