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Nick FarrellApril 24, 2024

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch: All Ability Changes and More

Overwatch 2 most recently released the brand new Season 10 for players, which has been off to a blast thus far. 

Now, Blizzard has released a brand new game mode for players to check out in the form of Mirrorwatch.

Here's all the ability changes. 

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch: All Ability Changes and More

The brand new game mode is going to run for a few weeks, and it was released on April 23, 2024. 

For those interested in the game mode, you're going to want to get familiar with all the hero changes, and these are listed below. 


  • Caduceus Staff: “Hold Primary Fire to heal an ally. Hold Secondary Fire to increase an ally’s damage inflicted and deal damage to nearby enemies over time.”
  • Soul Burn: “Detonate a fallen ally or enemy.”
  • Revenge (Ultimate): “Gain the ability to fly and fire rockets. Abilities are enhanced.”


  • Seismic Slam: “Leap and smash the ground. Grant overhealth to self and nearby allies when leaping.”
  • Power Block: “Project a shield that blocks frontal attacks. Blocking heavy damage empowers Rocket Punch.”
  • Meteor Strike (Ultimate): “Press Q to leap up into the air. Move the targeting circle, then press (LMB) to strike the targeted area and grant allies overhealth.”


  • Barrier Field: “Hold Secondary Fire to deploy a frontal energy barrier that increases the damage of allied projectiles. Increase movement speed upon breaking.”
  • Frenzy (Passive): “Damage from Rocket Hammer increases attack speed.”
  • Earthshatter (Ultimate): “Knock down all enemies in a narrow path in front of you.”


  • Particle Cannon: “Primary fire fires a short-range linear beam. Secondary fire shoots piercing energy orbs in a straight line.”
  • Particle Barrier: “Damage blocked by barriers increases Particle Cannon damage. Barriers knock back and damage enemies upon expiring.”
  • Projected Barrier: “Create a damage barrier around an alley. Damage blocked by barriers increases Particle Cannon damage. Barriers knockback and damage enemies upon expiring.”
  • Expulsion Zone (Ultimate): “Launch a gravity surge that pushes enemies away.”


  • Configuration Recon: “Mobile, with a powerful shotgun.”
  • Configuration Intel: “Reveal nearby enemies and increase attack and reload speed.”
  • A-36 Tactical Grenade: “Fire a bomb that bounces off walls and explodes when it impacts enemies or the ground. Deal no damage to self.”
    Configuration: Reinforcement (Ultimate): “Become immobile and deploy up to 4 allied Slicers.”


  • Sticky Bombs: “Fire a volley of homing sticky bombs that detonate after a delay.”
  • Flight: “Fly forward quickly and then free-fly briefly. Damages and knocks back enemies.”
  • Focusing Beam: “Channel a beam for a few seconds that slows enemies and deals very high damage to targets with less than half health.”
  • Maximum Efficiency (Ultimate): “Increase attack speed and reduce all cooldowns.”


  • Hack: “Hold to hack your allies and enemies. Hacked allies have an increased attack speed and overhealth. Hacked health packs spawn faster and can’t be used by enemies. Taking damage interrupts the hack attempt.”
  • Virus: “Infect enemies with a projectile that deals damage over time and decreases their damage dealt. Virus damages hacked enemies at a faster rate.”
  • Anti-Virus (Ultimate): “Grant health and increased attack speed to yourself and nearby allies.”


  • Blink: “Teleport in the direction you are moving. Take damage to teleport additional times.”
  • Bloodthirst: “After dealing enough continuous damage, attack speed is increased and damage steals health from enemies.”


  • Widow’s Kiss: “Primary Fire – Automatic assault weapon. Hold Secondary Fire for a long-ranged sniper weapon. Charged shots reveal enemies.”
  • Silk Shield: “Place a protective barrier.”
  • Infra-Sight (Ultimate): “Highlight weak points on enemies.”


  • Biotic Rifle: “Long-range rifle that heals allies and damages enemies instantaneously. Can headshot.”
  • Biotic Grenade: “Throws a grenade that heals and increases healing on allies, while damaging and reducing healing.”
  • Lunge: “Double jump.”
  • Nano Boost (Ultimate): “Only used on yourself to reduce damage taken. Biotic Rifle increases ally healing and reduces enemy healing.”


  • Repair Pack: “Heals an ally and grants them lifesteal.”
  • Whip Shot: “Launch your flail forward to pull an enemy closer.”
  • Barrier Shield: “Hold Secondary Fire to deploy a frontal energy barrier. Block damage to empower Shield Bash.”
  • Shield Bash: “Available when Barrier Shield is deployed. Dash forward to knock back an enemy. When empowered, sets enemies on fire.”


  • Orb of Harmony: “Launch this orb at an ally to heal them. Deal damage to increase healing.”
  • Orb of Discord: “Launch this orb at an enemy to increase the damage they take and deal additional damage over time.”
  • Interdiction Zone (Ultimate): “Create a field that prevents enemies from using abilities.”
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