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Turtle BeachApril 8, 2022

New Battlefield 2042 Update Has Fans Up In Arms Again


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New Battlefield 2042 Update Has Fans Up In Arms Again


April 8, 2022

Last month DICE developers confirmed that they were working on the new April update, with one developer on the EA Support forums teasing “a few hundred changes” for the game.

Despite this, some recent comments from the team are not going down well with the community, who are clearly becoming frustrated with the slow progress being made to the game.

As spotted by ComicBook (Via GAMINGbible), tensions became heated on another EA forums post, which was asking for player feedback. One of the main concerns raised by fans related to the slightly subpar spawn system with players keen to see improvements, like the ability to disable force spawn.

In response, a member of the DICE team replied, and unfortunately informed fans that these were not features currently being looked in.

“These are items we are reviewing, but there are no active development plans locked for those just yet,” they stated; and as you might imagine, this didn’t go down well with fans.

One user kicked off replying, “Given all the things that get continually confirmed as ‘not something we’re working on/discussing yet’, what is the team working on? Because honestly it doesn’t sound like they’re working on very much given what’s been publicly communicated so far.”

Whilst another replied, “You should very quickly pivot to address the forced spawn and vehicle spawns. All that happens at the start of the game is the enemy air vehicles come and kill everyone who is afk or changing their loadout. Moving the spawn locations and flags won’t stop this.”

“Like, really though? Can we get a roadmap so we can have some sort of idea of the level of support the game is going to receive?” another snapped. “It doesn’t seem like much so far, and without knowing much about next month’s patch we’re just taking DICE’s word for it.

Clearly, tensions between fans and developers are being pushed to their limits right now.

In the developer’s defence, a rather massive blog post was released earlier this week which explored some of the main feedback they’ve received for Battlefield 2042‘s maps in recent weeks, and specifically how this will inform changes to the game in the coming weeks and months.

It all just feels a bit too little too late, or as though there are simply too many issues to fix and not enough time to actually do it in.

Hopefully, the April update will address some of the community’s biggest complaints, but from the outside looking in, it feels like an increasingly uphill battle to get Battlefield 2042 back on track.


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