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Turtle BeachFebruary 18, 2021

Must-Know Tips & Tricks for Bowser's Fury


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February 18, 2021

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is now available on Switch, packing in tons of Mario goodness to enjoy.  Those who missed out on the Wii U can now experience what Super Mario 3D World has to offer, but the real star of the show is the brand-new Bowser’s Fury mode.  Mario squares off the absolutely gargantuan Fury Bowser this time around, while also gaining an unlikely partner in Bowser Jr.!  This makes for a ridiculously fun journey that marries the gameplay of Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey, complete with perilous platforming and bothersome baddies.  

Need a little help on your mission to beat back Bowser and save Lake Lapcat?  Here are some tips, tricks, and tidbits you’ll want to keep in mind while platforming.

Item bank


In most Mario games, you utilize one Mario power-up while banking a second.  Bowser’s Fury is quite different, as you can stack multiple power-ups as you go.  Bowser Jr. will keep tabs on the power-ups you collect, stocking up to 5 of each.  That means you can have 5 backup cat bells, fire flowers, super mushrooms, and so on.  Even better, you can call on these power-ups anytime you like.  No need to run around as mini-Mario anymore!  Just hit up on the D-Pad at any time to access your item reserve, select the power-up you want, and call it into the game.

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Bowser Jr. to the rescue

If you’re a Mario player who needs a little bit of help, you’ll be happy to know you’ve got a built-in companion from the start.  Bowser Jr. isn’t hanging around with Mario just for story purposes, as he can swoop in and save the day if you’re in trouble!  Bowser’s Fury lets you adjust the level of interaction you have with Bowser Jr., making him to hang back while you do the dirty work, or fly by to fight off enemies.  Even better, you can have a second player pick up a set of Joy-Con to take over Bowser Jr. duty.  An A.I. companion is a great help, but nothing beats a real-life buddy.

Use your map

Bowser’s Fury can be a quick experience if you’re running straight from beginning to end, but there’s actually quite a lot to do if you’re more of a completionist.  There are 100 different Cat Shines to collect, and some of them are incredibly well hidden.  If you’re having trouble tracking some of them down, turn to your map for a bit of help.  The map will show you a handful of points of interest, and there’s almost always a Cat Shine there to collect.  The game won’t tell you how to find it, but at least you’re given a general area where one is hiding.  If you manage to beat Fury Bowser in the final showdown before collecting all the Cat Shines, your map will be updated with even more points of interest.

Grab those amiibo

If you’ve got a collection of amiibo, you’ll want to have them at your side for Bowser’s Fury.  Scanning in most amiibo will instantly drop a random power-up for you.  If you have any Mario-related amiibo, you can scan them in to snag super helpful items like stars.  You can even scan a Bowser amiibo to make Fury Bowser show up!  While you’ll want to avoid Fury Bowser most of the time, there are certain blocks that only Fury Bowser can break.  There could be Cat Shines or other goodies hiding within, making a Bowser amiibo that much more useful.

Be bold!

If you haven’t played a Mario game in awhile, you might be surprised to find out how coins work in Bowser’s Fury.  Every 100 coins you grab in the game will net you a power-up, rather than an extra life.  That’s because there are no lives to deal with!  Whenever you jump to your death or get knocked out by an enemy, the game will subtract some of the coins in your collection.  This means you don’t have to worry about a life stock or Game Over screen.  Feel free to make bold jumps and be aggressive in your enemy attacks.  There’s always plenty of coins to collect, so replenishing your stash is extremely easy.

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