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Turtle BeachDecember 23, 2021

Minecraft 1.18 Diamond Level


While it seems imaginable that players are still flocking to Minecraft in 2021, how could they not?

One of the best performing games of all time had their biggest DLC release this year in the Cliffs & Caves update.

Now, you'll be looking to gather some resources, including the rare Diamonds, and we've got the best level to look for them within 1.18.

Minecraft 1.18 Diamond Levels

For those who don't know, there are specific levels within the mines that Diamonds have an increased rate to spawn at.

This has been the go-to formula for finding Diamonds over the years, as bringing up your location, players can easily navaigate themselves towards possible Diamonds.

However, it appears this metric has stayed the same, as players have been reporting that Diamonds still only spawn when the player has gone to layer 16 and below.

But, the general knowledge is that the further you can go down, say like level 55-60, the higher chance you have at encountering Diamonds.

So, keep your eyes peeled when trying to mine up some Diamonds, as they can be used for a wide array of purposes within Minecraft, as most of you already know!

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