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Turtle BeachJune 15, 2022

GTA Online Exotic Exports List: Map Locations, Rewards, And More




GTA Online Exotic Exports List: Map Locations, Rewards, And More


June 15, 2022

The Los Santos Tuners Title Update for GTA Online added plenty of new content, cars, and races for fans to enjoy, but if you’re looking for a bit of regular income to expand your criminal empire, you should look into the game’s new Exotic Exports List.

The idea is simple really. Players need to track down and steal a list of rare cars which are dotted across San Andreas in exchange for good old fashioned money (and RP). In many ways, you might argue that Rockstar Games have added a daily activity that turns you into Randall “Memphis” Raines from Gone in 60 Seconds. You’re even delivering the cars to the docks, although, not to an edge Christopher Eccleston.

If you’re just starting out in GTA Online, or maybe you’ve just purchased your new Auto Shop and want to know more about the Exotic Exports list, read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know and more.

How To Get The Exotic Exports List In GTA Online

Before you can begin you will need to purchase an auto shop property in GTA Online. That’s not all though, because before the Exotic Exports list will appear you’ll need to complete at least one robbery contract from KDJ (Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann). Once this is done you should receive a call from Sessanta inviting you to join “a little side hustle”.

This should unlock the exotic exports list which you can find on the upper floor of your auto shop property, written in chalk on a blackboard.

How To Find All Exotic Exports Cars In GTA Online

The exotic export cars will appear in any type of GTA Online session, but we would recommend playing in solo mode or a closed lobby to prevent griefers from ruining your progress. Once a player has collected a vehicle, they will be marked on nearby players radar with a special HUD icon and players will receive a notification that reads: ‘a rival is moving an Exotic Exports Vehicle. Steal this and deliver it to the Docks for Cash and RP’. And yes, there’s arguably nothing more frustrating than almost delivering an exotic export to the dock only to have some griefer on their Oppressor MKII blow you up on the final stretch.

Now, the other thing to note is that whilst there are 100 possible locations across the map, the game will pick which cars spawn from 2 sets of 50 different locations. So it’s pretty random from one GTA Online session to the next.

The important thing to remember is that Exotic Export cars are marked on your map as a blue Exotic Exports Vehicle dot. These blue dots are for parked cars which you can steal, but it’s entirely possible that you might see the cars being driven around. Generally though this tends to only be the more common cars driven by NPC’s. You’re unlikely to find the really rare cars being driven.

Exotic Exports Rewards

How much does Exotic Exports pay and what do you get for completing Exotic Exports? So really there are two different rewards players can earn when completing exotic exports. There’s a reward for delivering each exotic export, but if you manage to deliver all 10 in a day you’ll earn a bonus.

For every successful delivery of each car, players will earn a reward of $20,000, regardless of the condition. You’ll also earn 1000 RP and 50 LS Car Meet Rep.

However, if you manage to deliver all 10 of the daily Exotic Exports vehicles listed on the chalkboard found in the upper floor of your auto shop you’ll earn a bonus reward of $100,000. You can also earn the games Pro Car Exporter award (worth 800 RP) the first time you manage to achieve this. All in all, it means it’s possible to earn $300,000 a day from Exotic Exports and 4,000 RP.

How To Deliver An Exotic Export Car?

Once you find one of the vehicles listed on the daily exotic exports list you’ll need to steal it and then immediately deliver it to Sessanta’s partner at the docks. This should appear as a yellow Anchor on your mini map.

As mentioned previously it doesn’t matter what condition the car is in when you deliver it, just that it makes it there.

GTA Online Exotic Exports Map Locations

The map below features all 100 potential spawn locations for the Exotic Exports List cars. As we mentioned before, there are over 100 cars, but you’ll need steal 10 specific vehicles each day. When you get close to an exotic export, a blue dot should appear on your minimap. We would also suggest using an interactive map like the one found on gtaweb.eu.

In fact, if you follow the link above, we’ve linked to the Interactive Map and adjusted the settings to specifically bring up the Exotic Export Cars.

All Exotic Exports Car List

There are 100 possible Exotic Exports vehicles, all of which are listed below:

Exotic Exports Cars Not Spawning / Not Working?

Some players might occasionally run into a in-game bug where the Exotic Export cars will not spawn for hours on end, or that the list is not working properly. Here’s an example of one complaint from players:

I’ve played probably 18 hours since Tuesday and I haven’t found a single exotic export. I’ve been actually searching for them for at least an hour and a half and still haven’t found a single one. I have done a contract, I did the fleeca bank one. Is anyone else experiencing this, or does anyone know a fix?

Surprisingly the fix is a lot more simple than you might realise, with the most common explanation being that players don’t have Air-Freight turned on.

How Do You Turn On Air Freight In GTA Online?

If you’re encountering this issue you need to open your interactive menu settings and turn on Air-Freight. Follow the path below to fix the Exotic Exports Not Spawning bug:

Interaction menu > hide options > others > air freight > show

Also keep in mind that whilst the blue dots on the map will reveal the possible location of the car, there’s still a big radius for where the car will be, so make sure to look around when you get to the blue dots on the map.

That’s everything you need to know about GTA Online Exotic Exports List, but if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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