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Turtle BeachMarch 14, 2022

GTA Online: How To Change Character Gender




GTA Online: How To Change Character Gender


March 14, 2022

The GTA Online character creator gives players plenty of ways to customise their own unique character before you set to work building your criminal empire in Los Santos. Like any character creator you have to choose everything about how you look including your hair, eyes, lips, clothing, and so much more. What’s more, you can alter your appearance later on if you’re not completely happy. But what do you do if you decide you want to change your gender? Read on, we’ll give you all the information you need, especially since the answer is anything but simple.

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Can you change gender in GTA Online?

At the time of writing, there are no official ways to change your character gender in GTA Online. The moment you leave the game’s character creation menu – where you must choose male or female – your choice of gender will be locked in. If you decide you want to change, you’ll need to create a brand new character and your progress from any previous character cannot be changed over.

Likewise, when transferring characters from one console to another (for instance when migrating your GTA Online Profile from PlayStation 4 or Xbox One to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S) you still cannot change your gender.

It’s pretty incredible that this isn’t a feature in 2022, even as just a potential one-time instance, but that’s the decision Rockstar has made and they’re seemingly sticking to it.

GTA Online Female Character

How to change your GTA Online gender using a glitch

Unofficially, there is a way of changing your gender in GTA Online, but by the very nature of this not being official there’s always the danger that you could lose progression of worse bet targetted by Rockstar for using unofficial workarounds.

We won’t go into the full details of how to do it (you can easily find those unofficial walkthroughs by looking online or on YouTube), but we will say that you need to have at least GTA$ 100,000 in your shared bank account to get things started. It’s also worth noting that these workarounds will delete any saved outfits you own.

To be honest you’re best making sure you’re 100% happy with the gender you choose from the offset to save yourself a lot of hassle and faff in the future should you change your mind.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change your gender in Grand Theft Auto 5, but stay tuned for more GTA 5 news, guides, and updates from Turtle Beach.

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