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Turtle BeachMay 31, 2022

GTA Online Best Office Location To Buy




GTA Online Best Office Location To Buy


May 31, 2022

What does the Office do in GTA Online? These properties were some of the first introduced to GTA Online, allowing players to become the ultimate criminal kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County through the import and export of illicit commodities. The Offices essentially offer players the chance to undertake Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo missions, Special Vehicle Work as well as VIP/CEO Work and Challenges.

It’s also incredibly important as once you purchase your Office, you’ll be able to register to become a CEO which means you’ll be able to purchase further properties like Nightclubs, Hangers, Bunkers and more.

Understandably though, if you’re new to GTA Online you might be wondering what is the best Office to buy in GTA Online? Read on and we’ll talk you through your options and the best Office location you should buy.

All GTA Online Office Locations

Before we get to which Office you should buy, here’s a quick list of all four of the Office locations you can buy in GTA Online using Dynasty 8 Executive.

Office Location Price
In-game Description
Maze Bank West Del Perro $1,000,000
“Maze has been the target for more boycotts, demonstrations and civil rights lawsuits than any other bank in America. Access to that wealth of experience doesn’t come cheap, but a good education is an investment worth any price.”
Arcadius Business Center Pillbox Hill $2,250,000
“The City within the City, the Arcadius Business Center boasts more AAA hedge funds, smoothie bars, and executive suicides per square foot of office space than any other building in the business district. Welcome to Cutting edge.”
Lombank West Del Perro $3,100,000
“In a radical new step towards diversification of the banking sector. Industry giant Lombank is selling office space to results-driven, high-liquidity kill squads and drug cartels. Be part of the change our financial industry needs.”
Maze Bank Tower Pillbox Hill $4,000,000
“The building that defined the LS Skyline for a generation. Taller, Classier, more opulent, more shamelessly phallic, less structurally sound – you name it, the Maze Bank Tower is best in class.”

How To Relocate Office In GTA Online

Some players might already have an Office, perhaps they’ve been gifted it from Twitch Prime rewards or GTA+ membership. Regardless, if you own an Office but want to relocate to a ‘better’ location it is possible.

However, do note that you will lose all your Office upgrades when you move, so make sure it’s worth it.

What is the BEST Office location to buy in GTA Online

If you’re wondering ‘does Office location matter in GTA Online‘ well the answer is no. It doesn’t actually make a difference which office location you choose to buy. All office properties have the same upgrades, missions, facilities and potential income. Players can choose to buy the cheapest office building or the most expensive, it doesn’t matter as they all offer the same benefits.

Despite this, players should consider several smaller factors when deciding which is the best Office location to buy in GTA Online. For instance, you want to factor in the distance from the Office to the majority of special cargo pickup missions. Plus, you may want to consider the distance from your office to your other businesses.

Although most offices are relatively close together within the city of  Los Santos, we think the best Office location in GTA Online is the Arcadius Business Center.

It’s fairly central, close to the majority of missions, it’s not too tall so you can land your helicopter on the helipad no problem and the building is closer to some of the other best businesses you can run, which should save you some time when travelling between. It also helps that it’s not the most expensive which is another bonus.

Finally, we would also recommend having a watch of the video below from GTAGentleman if you want to know more.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Office location in GTA Online. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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