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Turtle BeachMay 30, 2022

GTA Online Best Arcade Location To Buy




May 30, 2022

What does the Arcade do in GTA Online? Whilst it’s primarily introduced to players via Lester Crest as a front to help your Diamond Casino Heist planning, it’s also a handy business for your criminal empire.

Not only does it provide decent income as a legitimate arcade business, but players can also purchase a Master Control Terminal to consolidate your power and manage all of your GTA Online Businesses in one place.

Understandably though, if you’ve only just started playing GTA Online you might be wondering what is the best Arcade to buy in GTA Online? Read on and we’ll talk you through your options and the best arcade location you should buy.

All GTA Online Arcade Locations

Before we get to which Arcade you should buy, here’s a quick list of all six of the Arcade locations you can buy in GTA Online using Maze Bank Foreclosures. We’ve also included the price of each Arcade.

Arcade Location Base Price In-game description
Warehouse Davis $2,135,000 Don’t let the economic turmoil of Davis put you off this one-of-a-kind property. The Auto Fix Factory once made great business here, before going under. And Warehouse lasted at least a week before it went bust. But you know what they say. It’s not the business. It’s the owner. And, after this one, you won’t be making the same mistakes.
Videogeddon La Mesa $1,875,000 In the charming industrial district of La Mesa, where dreams of gentrification are few and far between, we present this bargain property. Before closing down, Videogeddon was a hive of heavy metal gamers who played for days at a time, only breaking to do another line. New carpets are recommended.
Eight-Bit Vinewood $2,530,000 As far as renovations go, the Eight-Bit has all the grit and grime needed to be the perfect hangout. This one-time record shop and three-time drug front couldn’t feel trendier, Plus, the West Vinewood location guarantees a herd of cold brew drinking hipsters will swarm for retro gratification.
Insert Coin Rockford Hills $2,345,000 We don’t need to convince you of the charms of Rockford Hills, but the residents may need convinced by an arcade’s charms. Luckily for you, the musty smell of the wine shop previously on this site adds a touch of class to the ambience.
Wonderama Grapeseed $1,565,000 Back in the 80s, Wonderama was the greatest night out in Grapeseed. Ten-pin bowling, soft play, kids’ parties and parties of kids running feral for days. You name it, they had it. But it just takes one health inspector and an infested ball pit and suddenly you’re out of business. Bad luck for them. Good luck for you.
Pixel Pete’s Paleto Bay $1,235,000* Pixel Pete’s Fun Time Arcade was a legendary dive, run by a hero who loved games so much three heart attacks couldn’t convince him to take more breaks. Features hand painted details by Pete’s own nephew. It’s remarkable that we do not charge extra for this characterful addition. Buy now before we change our mind.

How To Relocate Arcade In GTA Online

Some players might already have an Arcade, perhaps they’ve been gifted it from Twitch Prime rewards, or GTA+ membership. Regardless, if you own an Arcade but want to relocate to a ‘better’ location it is possible.

Better still you won’t lose any of your arcade upgrades, or master terminal. That being said you don’t get to keep cosmetics such as murals and floors.

What is the BEST Arcade location to buy in GTA Online

If you’re wondering ‘does Arcade location matter in GTA Online‘ well the answer is no. It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference which Arcade you opt for. All properties have the same upgrades, missions, facilities and potential income. It doesn’t matter if you buy the cheapest Arcade, or the most expensive, they all offer the same benefits.

Fundamentally though, it is fair to say that several smaller factors should be considered when deciding which is the best Arcade location to buy in GTA Online. For instance, you want to factor in the distance from the Arcade to the majority of setup missions you’ll take on, which are mainly in the middle of the map. Plus, you may want to consider the distance from your arcade to your other businesses.

Pixel Pete’s and Wonderama are the cheapest Arcade locations, but they are at the top of the map in undesirable locations. The Videogeddon Arcade is closest to the Diamond Casino Resort which is handy, but we think the best Arcade location in GTA Online is the Eight-Bit Vinewood Arcade.

It’s fairly central, close to setup missions, near to one of the better Nightclub and CEO Warehouse businesses. Admittedly it’s also the most expensive option, but we think it’s worth its extra cost.

We’d also recommend having a look at the video below from GTAGentleman if you want to know more.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Arcade location in GTA Online. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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