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Turtle BeachOctober 15, 2019

Fortnite Chapter 2 Has Brought A Whole New Island Full of Goods

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Fortnite Chapter 2 has launched, bringing with it a new island of secrets, fun, and challenges.

When the Fortnite Battle Royale island exploded at the end of Season 10, everything was sucked into a black hole, where it stayed for days. It left an impression to be sure, and gave us a few good memes, but more importantly it left us wondering about what came next. Well, now we have our answer. Fortnite Chapter 2 has officially launched, and with it comes a brand new island full of goodies to explore. From top to bottom, it’s a new era of Fortnite and we’re ready to launch and explore all of it. Here’s what you can look forward to in the new chapter and battleground!

The New Fortnite Chapter 2 Island

Fortnite Chapter 2 Has Brought A Whole New Island Full of Goods Map

The new Fortnite Chapter 2 map is full of new features that will force players to relearn everything they know about Fortnite Battle Royale.

Most certainly the biggest new feature in Fortnite Chapter 2 is the new map on which everything will take place. Gone are the Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms, and Salty Springs of old. The new map brings with it 13 new locations, featuring a hydro dam, nuclear power plant, and happy little farm, just to name a few. With an entirely revamped map, it’s time to relearn everything you know about your landing strategy and where the best (or safest) goodies are in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The entirely new map comes brand new interactions with the environment. Fortnite Chapter 2 features a number of new environmental hazards. For instance, there are gas stations and explosive barrels around. The gas stations are explorable, but heaven forbid you get caught near one if someone shoots the pumps and lights it up. If you want to be more subtle about your aggression, there are also hay bales and dumpsters you can hide in. Be sneaky enough and you just might get the drop on an unsuspecting foe. New watery areas also mean swimming and fishing are also now possible. After all, you just might hook yourself an epic gun if you’re lucky.

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A New Chapter of Fortnite Gear

Fortnite Chapter 2 Has Brought A Whole New Island Full of Goods Motor Boat

By far, the motorboat is the biggest and most interesting new toy in the Fortnite arsenal. Just be ready to defend this floating fortress.

With the new island, locations, and interactions comes all new toys for players as well. As mentioned, expanded water areas are a feature of the new map, and all that water wouldn’t be very fun without a meaningful way to traverse it. That’s where new watercraft come in. The motorboat is Fortnite’s newest vehicle. Made to seat a whole squad, one can drive and fire the mounted gun while the others can keep watch for anything that challenges your aquatic superiority on the rivers and lakes of the new map. Just beware. Fast as the boat can be, it’s still quite a broad target for a less-than-friendly rocket launcher attack.

Speaking of launchers, there’s a new support weapon in Fortnite as well – The Bandage Bazooka. This friendly launcher has the means to heal your squaddies from afar. Just aim at pals to apply explosive healing. This comes alongside other support abilities, such as being able to carry your downed friends out of harm’s way before healing them. On the flipside, you can also carry downed opponents off to deal with them away from the prying eyes and interruptions of your enemies.

Rounding out this eclectic addition of new gear and goodies is a rebalanced arsenal of guns and gear, set to make combat more streamlined than ever before. New Upgrade Benches allow you to take resources you’ve found throughout the island and boost your tools as well. If you have the time and space to get your favorite guns up to snuff, the Upgrade Bench will be crucial in helping you claim Victory Royale. Just be careful not to get caught up in your improvements and become a sitting duck for enemies looking to claim your hard-earned weapons.

Revamped Progression In Fortnite Chapter 2


Fortnite Chapter 2 Has Brought A Whole New Island Full of Goods Medals

With new medals that aid in progression, nearly everything you do in Fortnite Chapter 2 will help you level up the new battle pass.

With a new era of Fortnite comes all-new ways to progress through it. The Battle Pass, both free and premium, returns in Fortnite Chapter 2. That said, progress and leveling in it is refreshed. By engaging in any number of activities in a match, be it exploring and searching the island, unlocking chests and supply crates, upgrading weapons, or even just surviving long enough, you can unlock various medals that boost your progress and overall XP at the end of a match. There are various tiers of medals ranging from bronze upward, and each tier gives you a better medal bonus of XP when your time in the match is done. Whether you’re claiming Victory Royale or not, you’ll find that just doing any number of activities that interest you on the island will lead to medals and progress through the new season and the rewards that come with it.

As can be plainly seen, Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought all kinds of wonderful goodies with it. Whether you’re into discovering the secrets of the new island and exploring its scenic offerings or strategizing on how best to conquer it and all of the opponents running around looking for their own Victory Royales, there’s plenty of ways to engage with the island and all the toys and goodies it contains. Have you discovered your favorite thing about the new island in Fortnite Chapter 2? Share it with us!

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