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Turtle BeachSeptember 23, 2022

FIFA 23 Points Price List: Latest Changes Explained

How much are FIFA Points in FIFA 23? Well, it’s a little more complicated this year, since EA Sports have decided to adjust some of the packs and prices they sell as we move into FIFA 23.

In a blog post the team at EA explained that they were making changes to their FIFA Points Bundles in the store to “help simplify the experience when purchasing FIFA Points and to better align to choices we see players make”.

You’re probably asking ‘what does that actually mean?’. Well, the answer is EA removed some of the “least popular bundles” and “added value” to two commonly used bundles.

In laymen’s terms it means they’ve ditched two of the cheaper Points bundles and made two of the more expensive bundles more expensive for more rewards. Honestly, it all seems a little pointless, but there we go.

If you’re interested to know what FIFA Points bundles are still available in FIFA 23, read on.

FIFA Points Bundles Prices List?

Below is a run-through of all FIFA Points bundles available in FIFA 23. We’ve included prices for the points in the USA ($ Dollar), Europe (€ Euro), and the United Kingdom (£ Pound). The list contains the prices for the two new bundles EA Sports have made available, as well as signifying which bundles they’ve decided to remove from the game.

FIFA 23 Point Pack USD Price EUR Price GPD Price
100 FIFA Points $0.99 €0.99 £0.79
250 FIFA Points Removed Removed Removed
500 FIFA Points $4.99 €4.99 £3.99
750 FIFA Points Removed Removed Removed
1050 FIFA Points $9.99 €9.99 £7.99
1600 FIFA Points $14.99 €14.99 £11.99
2200 FIFA Points Removed Removed Removed
2800 FIFA Points (NEW) $24.99 €24.99 £21.99
4600 FIFA Points Removed Removed Removed
5900 FIFA Points (NEW) $49.99 €49.99 £44.99
12000 FIFA Points $99.99 €99.99 £79.99

That’s everything you need to know about the price of points in FIFA 23 at the time of writing. If you’re looking for more FIFA 23 guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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