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Turtle BeachFebruary 22, 2023

Warzone 2 Season 2 Battle Pass: All Skins, New Weapons and More

New details have emerged!

Warzone 2 is the next iteration of the battle royale, and with Infinity Ward pulling out the red carpet to reveal the game fully, we've got tons to talk about.

If you've already checked out Warzone 2, you may be wondering what's going to change when Warzone 2 Season 2 releases.

Here's all we know about the new season of COD and more notabally, the battle pass!

Warzone 2 Season 2 Battle Pass: All Skins, New Weapons and More

Infinity Ward have already posted a full fledged blog detailing the new content coming this season, and this includes all the new skins and other rewards within the battle pass.

As well, there's going to be some new weapons for players to obtain when it's all said and done.

Below are all the details regarding Warzone 2 Season 2 battle pass!

Purchase the Battle Pass to Unlock Bonus Sector B0, Ronin

Players who purchase the Season 02 Battle Pass or Battle Pass Bundle will gain immediate access to the B0 Bonus Sector featuring Ronin.

An ex-Special Forces officer, Daniel “Ronin” Shinoda’s skills in unconventional warfare were in high demand during the Verdansk conflict. In 2019, the “one-man-army” volunteered for Armistice, a multi-national force that opposed emerging threats in the region. He believed this force would restore balance to the war-ravaged lands. Instead, he saw it descend into chaos.

After the fall of Armistice, it wasn’t long until inter-factional wars starting spilling into neighboring areas such as Al Mazrah. As a masterless mercenary, Ronin took it upon himself, using his skills in reconnaissance and sabotage, to maintain balance between the factions while taking up a new code:

Elevate your awareness, outthink your opponent, be honest and proficient, and trust your instincts.

In this way, Ronin has finally found the master he can serve, one that cannot be corrupted — balance, itself.

In addition to unlocking Ronin’s default Skin, the Bonus Sector awards four more items, including the “Corporeal State” and “Watchful” Weapon Blueprints.

The sector also includes the “Emblematic” Gun Screen, which allows you to display your chosen emblem while using any weapon, and a 10% Battle Pass Boost for faster progress.

New Weapon HVTs in Sectors B4, B11, B13

Throughout the new Sectors, you’ll encounter three free functional weapons: a new Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Melee Weapon.

KV Broadside Shotgun — Kastov Platform (Sector B4, HVT, Free)

Bringing the power of the 12 gauge to the Kastov Platform, the KV Broadside is the fastest-firing semi-auto firearm in the shotgun class. Destroys targets at close range with impunity.

Get the KV Broadside using just 15 Battle Token Tier Skips, heading from the start and working through Sectors B2 to B4. If room clearing is your calling, you’ll want to head straight for this new Shotgun.

The KV Broadside is all about positioning, as its rapid fire rate and damage output are hampered only by its short range compared to other choices in its class. Without question, this may be a strong weapon against heavily armored Forces in DMZ and elsewhere, especially against Juggernauts — just be sure there is nearby cover to use between reloads. Against fellow Operators, the KV Broadside will add to the mix of solid close-range options in small Multiplayer maps or building-heavy areas in both games, such as the high-rises of Al Mazrah City.

Along the way to Sector B4 with this new weapon, you’ll also pick up Chuy’s “Fusillade” Operator Skin in addition to some blueprints and other cosmetic rewards.

ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle — ISO Platform (Sector B11, HVT, Free)

This powerful and enhanced rifle from Expedite Firearms is designed to take both 5.56 and subsonic .300 BLK ammunition, providing battlefield-advantage in any situation.

Located in Sector B11 on the other end of the map, the ISO Hemlock is a powerful mid-range contender that’s positioned three Sectors to the east of your starting position. On your way to collect the ISO Hemlock, head through B3 and B7 to earn König’s “Expedition” Operator Skin and the “Universal Tourist” SUV Vehicle Skin.

Once unlocked, the ISO Hemlock will be a contender in an already-deep Assault Rifle category, offering two different ammo types in addition to small and extended magazines for better versatility when constructing Loadouts. For those looking to have a damage profile similar to the M4, Lachmann-556, and STB-556, the ISO Hemlock can take 5.56 ammunition. Great for an Operator who wants to be prepared for a variety of combat scenarios across all modes, 5.56 is a gold standard for a reason.

Alternatively, the subsonic .300 BLK ammunition puts the ISO Hemlock in direct competition with the M13. More suited for stealth situations, such as lurking around DMZ, this ammo gives a bit more kick in exchange for hiding enemy elimination skull indicators. Combined with a suppressor and any other attachments of your choosing, a .300 BLK ISO Hemlock build could be a silent and deadly addition to your arsenal.

Dual Kodachis Melee Weapon — (Sector B13, HVT, Free)

A powerful melee weapon that can quickly move towards a target with a longer-range attack. Each swipe has an impressive range and faster forward motion towards enemies compared to the Knife melee weapon, though this comes at a slight cost, a slower strafe and sprint speed.

Located centrally in Sector B13, these short swords make quick work of enemy Operators. There are two main paths from B1 to B13 — whichever one you take, you can’t miss Hutch’s “Vengeful Dragon” Operator Skin as you near your destination.

New HVT Operator Skins at Sectors B3, B8, B10

New Sectors mean new tactical kits for several Operators, all prepared to drop in and make their mark on Ashika Island and Modern Warfare II’s additional Season 02 Multiplayer maps Dome (Core) and Zaya Observatory (Battle Map), Al Malik International (Battle Map), and Valderas Museum (Core).

“Expedition” König Operator Skin (Sector B3, HVT)

Dressed in full tactical gear, a mesh hood, and gloves, König is ready to take the fight wherever it may lead the KorTac forces. This Sector is right next to the start, making it an easy unlock.

“Gozen” Kleo Operator Skin (Sector B8, HVT)

Kleo prepares for undercover ops in this Operator Skin featuring pauldrons, a hood for all-weather target acquisition, and a red and black filtered mask.

“Sheathed Blade” Roze Operator Skin (Sector B10, HVT)

Designed for maximum mobility in close-quarters encounters, Roze’s new kit provides essential armor to ward against blows to her arms and legs.

Complete the Map for Victory Sector Rewards

Conquer all 20 Sectors to get 100% map completion and access to the final Victory Sector, which features the following items:

“The Peak” Ronin Operator Skin

Ronin operates at peak performance in this all-black tactical kit, featuring short sleeves, tattoos, and samurai-inspired shoulder armor. Equip this kit to show off your unflinching dedication to victory.

“Unchained Fury” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint

Ronin’s weapon of choice, the “Unchained Fury” Weapon Blueprint is a five-attachment Assault Rifle that is custom-built and professionally tuned for the Operator’s preferred style of engagement. Based on the new Assault Rifle releasing with Season 02, the Unchained Fury looks as awesome as it performs out in the field, with an animated surface allowing you to show off Battle Pass completion no matter where you use this weapon.

300 COD Points

Save up for the next Battle Pass or put those points toward the purchase of a new Store Bundle.

Season 01 Battle Token Tier Skip Reminder

At the end of each season, any unspent Battle Token Tier Skips will be auto-spent on remaining Battle Pass rewards along a pre-set path to complete the Battle Map. Any extra Battle Token Tier Skips that are not auto-spent will carry over to the next season.

Furthermore, Tom Henderson has noted that there is a new rumor that the new map could come with the release of Season 2 in the near future!

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