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Turtle BeachDecember 15, 2022

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 - How To Unlock The Chimera Assault Rifle (Honey Badger)

New details have emerged!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the next entry within the iconic series, and with the game now being released worldwide, fans are amped for Season 1.

With the first major season coming, Infinity Ward have now confirmed the weapons coming to the game.

Here's how to unlock the Honey Badger, or now known as the Chimera.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 - How To Unlock The Chimera Assault Rifle (Honey Badger)

This weapon was previously within the COD series back in COD Ghosts, and since, players have been missing the laser accuracy that this weapon has.

Now, the weapon will be useable during Season 1, but it won't be right away, as Infinity Ward have noted the following.

"Introducing the Victus XMR and the BAS-P SMG at launch and the Chimera and M13B Assault Rifles during the season:"

In terms of unlocking this weapon, players will need to kill 2 players in 15 different matches, and you're also able to back out of the game once you have two of these kills.

However they did have this to say further down regarding the Chimera.

New Weapon: Chimera

A new Assault Rifle, part of the Bruen Ops Platform, offers Operators a formidable Primary Weapon for stealth engagements.

“With an integrated suppressor and slow, high-energy subsonic .300 BLK rounds, the Chimera is adept at close-quarters combat. Subsonic Ammo hides kill skulls from the enemy team.”

This weapon is built for keeping Operators completely off the grid. Given the lack of visible tracers, hidden skull indicators and suppressed fire, the Chimera is useful against both enemy Operators and agents, the latter of which are less aware and coordinated when it comes to silent attacks.

As the description suggests, the Chimera’s effective range is shorter than most Assault Rifles, making it a more powerful and silent alternative to the faster-firing M13B from the same platform. So long as the Operator behind it can stay on target, the Chimera can be a versatile force in most short- to mid-range engagements, potentially making it a good complement to a rifle or LMG suited for longer ranges in an Overkill Loadout.

How to unlock: Weapon Challenge or via Store Bundle.

In the meantime, be sure to get situated with everything that's coming to Modern Warfare Season 1 here, and be sure to let us know what you're most excited for!

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