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Product Overview


This is no ordinary gaming headset. Unbeatable sound combined with unbelievable comfort, the Turtle Beach® Elite 800x is the ultimate game-changer.

The ultimate 100% wireless, active noise-cancelling gaming headset for Xbox One, Elite 800X takes your gaming to a whole new level where you can play like the pros.

Comfortably play for hours as you pinpoint the exact location of sounds with Elite 800X’s uncompromising DTS Headphone: X® 7.1 Surround Sound. Fully immersed, you’ll get the competitive advantage by hearing soft sounds like enemy footsteps sneaking up from behind, vehicles off in the distance approaching with reinforcements, and weapon reloads just before an ambush with Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting.

Boost your game audio with dual boomless mics and communicate to your teammates crystal clearly thanks to Dynamic Chat Boost™, which automatically increases chat volume during loud gameplay spikes.

Take Charge
Connect to your mobile and tablet devices through Bluetooth, which also allows your Elite 800X to stream music while gaming.

Add to that DTS surround sound modes and EQ audio presets that further enhance your gaming, music, and movie experiences.

House your headset in style on the sleek magnetic charging stand that recharges Elite 800X’s long-lasting 10-hour battery, ensuring your headset is always at the ready.

Professional grade sound that provides a game changing experience. Sound good? No, sounds elite.

SKU: TBS-2390-01

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub keeps your gaming headset and other Turtle Beach gear up to date, and allows you to adjust and customize settings on specific products.

Audio Connection
Digital Optical (Game) & USB (Chat)
Speaker Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz
Transmitter Frequency Response
Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz
Headset Power
Rechargeable Battery
Lithium Polymer
Speaker Size
50mm Speakers
Battery Life
Up to 10 Hours
Boomless Noise Cancelling
Headband/Earpad Material
Synthetic Leather with Memory Foam
Ear Cushion
Synthetic Leather with Memory Foam
What's in the Box
Elite 800X Headset
Elite 800X Transmitter & Magnetic Charging Stand
Transmitter USB Cable (USB Micro) / Programming Cable (USB Micro) / Mobile Cable / Digital Optical Cable
Quick Start Guide / Preset Reference
Superhuman Hearing™

Exclusive Turtle Beach feature. From quiet footsteps sneaking-up from behind to enemy weapon reloads just before an ambush, Superhuman Hearing™ lets you hear it all.

Variable Mic Monitoring

Hear and adjust the volume of your own voice inside the headset so you never have to shout.

Magnetic Charging Stand

Easily charge and store your headset when not in use.

Boomless Gaming Microphones

Dual hidden noise-cancelling microphones ensure clear communication with accurate in-game voice pickup.

DTS Surround Sound Modes & EQ Audio Presets

Personalize your audio preferences with a variety of audio presets and sound modes.

Dynamic Chat Boost™

Communicate to your squad clearly thanks to automatically boosted team chat audio.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Great for using with mobile and tablet devices, also allows for streaming music while gaming.

Independent Game & Chat Volume Control

Find the perfect balance between game audio and chat audio.

10-Hour Battery Life

With up to 10-hours of gaming per charge, you'll always be ready to play.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub

Customize your audio and always make sure you are running the most up-to-date firmware!

Turtle Beach Audio Hub

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Turtle Beach product feature showcasing DTS.jpg

DTS Headphone: X® 7.1 Surround Sound

Pinpoint the exact location of every sound with immersive 7.1 surround sound.

Turtle Beach product feature showcasing NoiseCancelling.jpg

Active Noise-Cancellation

Eliminate unwanted background distractions for complete gaming immersion.

Turtle Beach product feature showcasing wireless.jpg

100% Wireless

Crystal clear interference-free game and chat audio with 100% wireless connectivity to the magnetic charging stand.

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